Key Features:

  • Two types of 12” intake pipes available to fit most manure reservoirs.
  • Hydraulic directional valve to select agitation or loading.
  • 12” gate valve with flanges on both ends or with one flange and hose adapter at the other end.
  • 25’ or 30’ load out pipe. Available with low pressure discharge elbow.
  • 180˚ rotating top agitation nozzle with 120˚ up and down.
  • Two knife valves for optimum safety.
  • Straight down sidewall agitation

Powerful surface and bottom agitation for fast mixing of manure. A 12” diameter rubber hose is installed between the Supreme Pump and the reservoir to reduce vibration.

Loading Capacity of up to 6000 gpm. Easily transfers to the spreader with the high capacity 8” load pipe.

Hot dipped galvanized coating on agitator and pump.

NOTE: The Supreme pump can be installed above ground level to keep the environment clean and aid in draining the pump once the reservoir is empty.